Thursday, February 15, 2018

2015 Topps German Die Riese Zu Star Wars: Das Erwachen Der Macht (Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Greetings from Germany and a German pack of 2015 Topps Die Riese Zu Star Wars: Das Erwachen Der Macht (Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens).  This came from the discount bin at the local stationary shop so I had to snag the 3 packs they had.  I haven't opened the U.S. or U.K. version of this product so this will be an adventure seeing all the words in German.  This set is identical to the UK Version of this Set except everything is written in German.  A few years back CynicalBuddha opened the US Version of the pack here.  According to the pack back there are over 200 cards in the set (207 to be exact) and 10 cards per pack.  There are rainbow parallels 1 in 3 packs and a limited card 1 in every 50 packs.  I think I did that translation correctly...why didn't I take German back in high school???!  I guess we'll find out what lies within.  Grab your half liter of hefeweizen beer and a's throwback Thursday.

What's in the pack?

Cards #48: The set is broken up by the previously released movies.  Here is a screen shot from The Empire Strikes Back

 #22:  Millennium Falcon in A New Hope

#77: Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back

#53: Luke getting ready to spend a cozy night in the guts of his tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back

#42:  From A New Hope 

#73:  RIP Carrie Fisher....from The Empire Strikes Back 

#121: Doesn't everyone on this card die at the end of The Return of the Jedi

#41:  Death Star #1 almost destroyed in A New Hope

#112: Lando in The Return of the Jedi 

#174:  Labot from The Empire Strikes Back.  It is hard to tell in this picture, but this is a foil card.  Not sure if they are any rarer than the other ones.  At least not according to the pack back.

Each movie subset has a different color back.  The Return of the Jedi is green.  The Empire Strikes Back is blue.  A New Hope is orange.  I am not sure of The Force Awakens cards.

There you have it.  I hope your weekend is enjoyable.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2017 Panini Disney's Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Album Stickers


Hope everyone is doing well.  Today is Valentine's Day, so I don't expect much activity on the site since most of you will be off doing romantic things with the significant other.  In the history of APTBNL, there have been 4 posts on this day (I've made two of them).  However, none of the 4 posts have been about what this day!  Not anymore (kinda)'s some stickers from Beauty & The Beast!

Pack front.

During the holidays, I came across these guys during a Dollar Tree run and thought this could be a nice stocking stuffer for The Wifey, because she's a huge fan of the movies (the animated and live-action versions).  Therefore, I got a handful of packs and an album for her.

Pack back.
When she opened the gift Christmas Day, it was almost like my boys opening their first pack of cards.  She declared that we'd be buying more packs to get her to the point where she can order the rest of the cards she needed from Panini to complete the set.  I guess I lucked out Rittenhouse or Topps didn't release some high end collector set for the movie.

Anyway, I was able to take some pics of stickers from a pack before she put them in the book.  7 autocollants par paquet...let's see what she got:


Since they're stickers, there's no info on the back, so you get a shiny bordered Belle, Belle with a horse, Gaston with a torch, and Belle's torso.  The shiny borders doesn't mean there's a parallel set to collect; I think there's a page in the album where all the stickers are shiny bordered.


Here you have Belle and Gaston, some sort of party, and someone in a carriage (sorry, The Wifey saw the movie twice, without me).  I also put the back of #142 as an example.

Here's an example of a couple of pages from the album with bonus stickers for you.  She hasn't decided if she wants a second album for all the duplicates she's gotten already.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Happy Valentine's Day to all, and thanks for reading!

Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Japanese BBM Sumo Wrestling

Those that know me, understand my passion for sumo wrestling cards.  It could be a lot weirder, I get it.  But having lived in Japan with a strong tendency to watch sports and collect sports cards, getting hooked on sumo wrestling cards is like all the Transformer Constructicon robots coming together to form the Devastator.  It's scary, ugly, and powerful all at the same time.  Baseball Magazine (BBM) released their annual sumo wrestling set a few weeks ago in time for the start of the New Year's tournament.  I finally got around to opening a box of this product and I thought I'd share one of the 5-card packs here.  Grab your glass of sake and hold on.....

A nice, clean pack.  They never tell you how many autographs are in the set...they leave it a mystery.  (It's 10!, shhhh, don't tell)

#69: Yago....the cards this year looks like they have been attacked by Japanese rice paper...lots of flowers and color on the border.

#37: Kotofuji....normally sumo wrestlers don't sport any facial hair....this must be his 5 o'clock shadow

#16: Hokutofuji weighing in around 350 pounds.

#79: A "Behind The Scene Photo....yes that is beer.  You don't see beer anywhere on sports cards...usually, but in Japan beer is a great way to gain weight.  Here Onosho and Takakeisho show us how it is done.

#89: Another "Behind The Scene Photo" showing us that Aminishi is old.  He has been wrestling for 21 years....18 of them at the highest ranks.  I'm not a fan of the green and purple borders.

Here is what the backs look like on the rikishi cards.

There you go.  I hope your week goes well and you get some good Olympic viewing in!

Friday, February 09, 2018

1996 Donruss Kazaam Movie w/ Shaquille O'Neal

In honor of all things basketball, we should explore this 8-card pack of 1996 Donruss Kazaam cards to see what Shaquille O'Neal is up to.  Arguably one of his better movies, Kazaam featured Shaq as a genie who must help a troubled boy through life while granting him three wishes.  What would I wish for as a teenage boy?  Hmmmm......Coming off the success of the Shaq Fu Video Game, likely landed Shaq the lead role in Kazaam.  Ignore the box office stats ($18 million worldwide).....Shaq reigns supreme.  Without further delay, grab a gin and tonic and a bowl of pretzels...let the magic begin.......

Purply....what no inserts??!!  Odds are this pack is going to be memorable.

#71: Kazaam.  A nice way to start off the pack.

#36:  The Party is Over

#16: Our other lead character....Max.  He also starred in Black Irish.

#29: Kazaam!

#37: No comment...

#83: A Wise Crackin' Rappin'....Shaq, a man of many talents

#56: Shaq lives in this boombox (and in our hearts) in the movie

#37-2:  What the freak??!!  A double...and still no comment.

A sample of one of the backs.....

There you have it.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope your weekend goes well.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

1994 Lime Rock Bozo The Clown

Because Creepy McCreeper was already taken as a clown name, Larry Harmon had to settle for BOZO.  Holy cow, I never thought I had an aversion to clowns until I saw the movie IT, but I am sure this pack will bring back some memories.  Inside this fun-filled pack are 9 cards with a chance to get one of the 50 Collector Cards, one of the 3 Prototypes, or the 1 Checklist.  The back also had a creepy mail in offer where for 2 wrappers & $4.00 you could receive a phone card that was good for one call to the BOZO birthday line where BOZO will sing a birthday song to you.  Don't you want it?  Alright, grab your paper cup full of Kool-Aid and some cake, here we go.

Innocent enough it seems.....It is crazy kids would buy these cards.  Even crazier a grown adult would buy them....hhhm, wait.

#26: Boo, don't crap your pants.

#1: A Gorilla Abduction

#47: Gimme some milk!

#11: Clowns and fire....what could go wrong?

#12: Where are all the kids to scare, officer?

#6: Bombs away.....

#31: Quit horsing around!

#21: Globophobia....the fear of balloons....  crapyopantsaphobia....the fear of clown hair.

#16: Sleep tight....don't let BOZO bite....

The backs seemed to form some sort of puzzle....

There you have it.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week goes well.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

2017 Topps Series 1 Cello

I went to the Orioles Fanfest and vendors were giving away packs of 2017 Topps Series 1 in cello wrappers I hadn't seen these before and picked up a couple of packs each one contained 5 cards plus what looked like reprint but the back had Topps advertisement for Topps, Bunt & Now on the back (see below).  Nothing special in either back don't know if there were autos or relics or other inserts as i didn't get anything out of the ordinary.  Let me know if you anything additional on these packs.
I will show the better pack and both of the reprints.

Unopened pack:
Starts off with a Rookie card of Orlando Arcia:
 Second we have a Yovani Gallardo:
 League Leader of Rizzo:
 and the second Cub of the pack Kris Bryant:
 Final card of the pack was another Rookie Dansby Swanson:
The backs of the card is what you would expect from Topps
 Nolan Ryan Reprint:
 The Reprint from the second pack was a Ken Griffey Jr.
The back of the reprints is the same advertising Topps products: