Tuesday, April 17, 2018

2017-18 Donruss Optic NBA

The latest NBA set to release is Donruss Optic- a chromed up version of Donruss. Think of it like the Panini version of Topps Chrome. While the set is available in several packaging variations, today I'm going to take a look at one of the packs from the blaster I got.

Each contains 4 cards.
First out was Rockets rookie Zhou Qi. He's from China and is one of the taller players in the NBA. Like most players from China, Zhou is his last name, or more properly, surname. It's what's on the back of his jersey. He's got a lot of potential but right now remains somewhat raw.
Following him out of the pack is the Wizards' Markieff Morris, one half of an identical twins pair. His brother Marcus plays for the Celtics. They even have matching tattoos!
Each pack gives you one non-base card, either a parallel or an insert, and it's always the third card in. In this pack, it's an insert, Hall Kings, which is horizontal.
Hall Kings #2
Elgin Baylor is one of the most underrated superstars in NBA history. Unfortunately for him most of his career predates the time when every game was taped and highlights were shown all the time. He pretty much invented the highflying game that Dr. J. and Michael Jordan and others have made so successful. One good thing I will say about Panini is that when they include a vintage player in  a set, they usually include the period correct logo. This card is no exception. You can see the back by clicking HERE.

The final card in the pack was rising Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic.
As is usual with all Chrome style cards, they look much nicer in hand. The borders on the base cards are white with tiny chrome diamonds, while the rookies are blue and gray themed, two totally different designs in the same set.

Here's one of the backs, from a card out of a different pack.
The veteran player cards are team color coded, which I like. The rookies are all gray and blue. Most of the veterans have photos from this season. About 3/4ths of the rookies have images from the Rookie Photo shoot, while the rest are cutout action photos from this season. This and Prestige are the only sets issued this season to have photos from this season.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

2015 Topps Garbage Pail Kids 30th Anniversary

I don't often stop at any of the dollar stores, but a few months ago I needed something small and the store is much closer than the Walmart.  I've seen blog posts of collectors buying cards in dollar stores, so I made sure to look around.  I didn't see any and got in line to check out.  There they were!  

I didn't end up buying any sports cards, but grabbed a few different Garbage Pail Kids packs.  They are the only ones I've ever had.  As a kid, my mama wouldn't get them for me and told me how much more my baseball cards would be worth in time.  Oops.  

Over the next few days I'll post some different packs.  I don't know much about them, so I can't comment much.  I am sure some readers will enjoy seeing them despite my ignorance.  Today, you get the 2015 Topps Garbage Pail Kids 30th Anniversary cards.  

I had no idea that there were parallels and inserts.  You learn something new daily!

This was my favorite card in the pack.  Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies ever.

Not one of my favorite movies, but at least I get this one.  I can't say that for all of the ones in the pack.

Per the pack, these green border cards are 1:2 packs.

Famous Movie Scenes cards are 1:4 packs. 

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

1972 Monty Old Timer Classics

The wrapper you see above comes from a set of cards printed in 1972 from the Monty Factories in Leiden, Holland.  The set contains 50 cards total.

The cards feature "old, classic" automobiles on the front in color. The images are surrounded by a red border with the card number located in the top-left of the horizontal layout. The vehicle name, make, or other info is printed at the bottom along with the year of manufacture. This first card features a 1907 Dion De-Bouton.

The cards themselves are a weird size: 2-11/16" x 1-17/16" (see end of post for a side-by-side comparison to a regular-sized card). There were three cards in this pack, so I assume these came three to a pack. The second card shows a Lanef-La-Croix from 1900. (Link to translated page regarding La Nef from LaCroix motors)

The coloring and artwork/photography are done very well, especially compared to other products of this same time period. Then again, perhaps the size has something to do with that. The final card in the pack features a 1912 Belzise (sic) "Margaret." (Info here...)

Comparing card to a standard-sized Topps card:

Thursday, April 12, 2018

2017-18 Panini NHL Stickers

NHL playoffs are starting and let's rip a pack of NHL stickers
165 - Jakub Voracek
445 - Centennial Classic - one half of sticker from Centennial Classic game. This half featuring Gustav Nyquist
328 - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - former first overall pick battled injuries this year
411 - Loui Eriksson - dealing with another riddled season
366 - Ryan Ellis
285 - Ryan Hartman
386 - Joe Thornton - his famed beard on display

Who's ready for the playoffs?

Sunday, April 08, 2018

1976 Topps Happy Days

Sit on it! The insult that ruled the airwaves in the 70's was a phrase that most folks wrote off as gibberish. It found its way into nearly every episode of "Happy Days." In 1976, Topps made a set of 44 cards, some of which had puzzle pieces on the back and others had info about the image on the front.

The fronts of the cards displayed a large image captured from the TV show, surrounded by a red border. Below each image, yellow text related to the image - generally.

The images are a mix of bad 1970s Topps mixed in with the quality that suggests they were photos taken of the TV as the showed was playing.

We did end up with two Fonz items: a miscut card and a die cut sticker, so it's not all bad!

As I mentioned above, the backs show either a puzzle piece or text about the image on the front.

The pack did come with the gum, which you can see the residue from where it had been stuck to the back of the sticker. No, I didn't try to eat gum from the same year the country celebrated its bicentennial. Yeah, let that sink in...

*Side note: Is it just me, or does the Fonz in the sticker look like Greg Salazar from Science Studio? Okay, maybe not quite...

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

1994 TCM Caterpillar Earthmovers Series II

The early 1990s boom of unique and odd sets that produced just about every imaginable trading card set continues with this 1994 Caterpillar Earthmovers Series II set.  That's right, we have a trading card set devoted to construction equipment....more specifically, Caterpillar construction equipment.  Cue Tim "The Toolman" Taylor....UUUUHHHG, UUUHHHG.  This is raw power packed in a 10-card metallic wrapper.  More importantly are the chances for a Bob Feller or Karl Malone autograph.  Why are they included you ask?  Because Karl owns/owned a trucking company with tractors that were powered by Caterpillar engines.  And Bob....well he owns a bunch of vintage Caterpillar farm equipment.  Makes sense since this was the early 1990s and the Wild West of insert sets and anything goes.  According to The Trading Card Database, this set has 200 base cards in it with the Chromium Card inserts and 2 autographs.  Grab your thermos of coffee and lunch pail, let's wreck this pack....

Come On Chromium Cards.  I am glad they are UV coated for when I take them with me to the pool.

Card #180-14G Motor Grader:  Not bad to start, but I think I can do better.

Card #132-First Gas Track-Type Tractor:  Now we are talking.  I wonder if those 4 guys at the bottom are from OSHA?

Card #189-325 Log Loader:  I've seen plenty of these in my days growing up in the mountains.

Card #152-953B Track Loader:  Caterpillar helping with Suburban sprawl...

Card #113-Mining Machines:  Boom, I think we hit the motherload.

Card #194-AP-1050 Asphalt Paver:  A machine we should all be thankful for.....this is what America runs on.

Card #195-PM-565 Cold Planer:  More road construction goodness!

Card #200-RM-350 Reclaimer/Mixer:  As a kid I always dreamed of driving one of these since they looked so goofy.

Card #126-Historical Truck Engines: Old school is the new cool.....

Card #191-Checklist:  Caterpillar???  A crummy commercial.....Son of a bit......  Your eyes do not deceive you....I accidently cut the card when I was opening the pack..  Booo.

Here is a back example:

There you go.  Has anyone reading this operated any of these machines?