Thursday, March 22, 2018

2018 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball - Hobby Pack

Stopped by the ye old LCS this afternoon and grabbed a couple packs of Gypsy Queen.  I really  like this year's design.  Continuing from last year's really over the top art deco style, Topps continues that with an equally detailed and slightly more colorful issue.   The backs, well those are a different story.
 The backs are pretty minimal and I'm not sure if Topps could get the card number any smaller or put it in a more awkward place on the card.  Here are the rest of my base cards.

 Out of the two packs I grabbed this one was the only one with an insert and not a terrible one at least I know some Cubs fan that will probably enjoy this Fortune Teller insert.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2018 Topps Opening Day Jumbo Hanger Pack

Picked up a couple Opening Day hangers on my last shopping trip.  I decided not to build any sets this year, but I'm allowing myself a few packs here and there of the new stuff.  The 24 card hangers offer 3 inserts per pack. 
Here are my base.

 Love the horizontals.
The backs are identical to flagship except that card is noted as Opening Day under the card number.
The inserts are really what makes the set.  You gotta love the Mascot cards.

I also pulled a Team Traditions and Celebrations card.

 And a team Opening Day card.

 I was also lucky enough to pull an Opening Day Blue Foil Parallel card. Topps stopped serial numbering these cards, but I do believe they are still print runned to the year. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2018 Topps Stickers

 Had to stop by Target this afternoon and picked up a couple packs of the new Topps Stickers.  Nothing too exciting. 
 Each back has the same advertisement for make your own Topps cards.

 And my lone Brewer out of my 4 packs.

Monday, March 19, 2018

2013 Panini Beach Boys

This one is for you Billy Kingsley.  I know you like the Beach Boys as do I.  No other band is associated more with surfing, California, bikinis, and the beach than are The Beach Boys.  When this set was printed 5 odd years ago they had already hit their 50-year mark in the music business.  Crazy to think that my parents had grown up with them as well as me and my kids and likely my grandkids.  This 8-card Hobby Pack has a ton of inserts card odds printed on the back of the pack and The Trading Card Database has the complete 120-card set checklisted along with all of the insert sets.  I'd love to get a Brian Wilson card as I don't think I have ever pulled one of those.  Grab your Sex on the Beach drink and a pair of flipflops, we are going California Dreamin.

Flannels at the Beach....say what?  Must be the Oregon-coast beach they are at.

#97: Dennis Wilson leading the rush.  He definitely led a troubled life later on in his career, but not due to the shirtless overalls look.

#111: Bruce Johnston is still touring these days with Brian Wilson.

#29:  Al Jardine - He actually played football with Brian Wilson in high school. 

#72: I think I got a Mike Love hot pack as this is the first of a few.  

#55: A mid-1970s shot of the group.  I just realized my scanner is really dirty.

#15:  Everyone is thinking, wtf?  Who thought of this pose?

Top 10 #9:  Here is my first insert.  Part of the Top 10 set....  Dance, Dance, Dance....not one of my favorites

Etchings #2: Mike Love looking cold.  I actually like the look of this card with the waves and prism effects.

Here is a sample back.

There you go.  I hope this starts your week off well and anyone have any good Beach Boy stories?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

2002 Bowman Jumbo HTA

Here's a super-sized pack of old Bowman cards, part of a random assortment of packs I purchased at a card show last month. Dig that $125 guarantee!

87 - Juan Pierre - The pack is front loaded with veterans (red cards). The first card out of the pack, Pierre, is a little rough around the edges. It's a good thing no one invested heavily in 2002 Juan Pierre cards.

20 - Jorge Posada - We know this guy. Posada was part of the Yankees late '90s dominance.

45 - Jeff Bagwell - Seventh ballot Hall of Famer!

91 - Magglio Ordonez - Here's a look at the back, which is a pretty typical Bowman card back. We do get a distinct full color photo here.

26 - Ryan Dempster - Overall, it's not a bad crop of vets here.

205 - Curtis Legendre - Now it's on to the prospects (blue cards). This generally means a bunch of guys no one's ever heard of.

204 - Juan Gonzalez - Hey, that's... nope, different guy.

196 - Brian West

178 - Kevin Deaton

191 - Antwon Rollins - A few more players I have no recollection of. This is, allegedly, the younger brother of Jimmy Rollins. His bio states that he temporarily retired "to pursue hip hop career". The dude makes films these days. Google can be amazing!

342 - Jason Kinchen Gold - The one-per-pack gold parallels are very similar to the base cards, with the primary differences being the thickness of the card and the facsimile autograph being in gold instead of black.

246 - Jung Bong - 1st ballot goofy name hall of famer.

248 - Erik Bedard - Bedard was a pretty big fantasy baseball name for awhile, as he always racked up loads of strikeouts, when he managed to stay on the field at least.

353 - Wily Mo Pena - Wily Mo seemed like he was a bigger name than his stats would indicate.

373 - Brad Hawpe - An early look at Brad Hawpe, a staple of mid '00 jersey cards.

227 - Christian Parker

201 - Nate Espy - Per the bio "compared to Mark McGwire by Piedmont's manager because of his monstrous homers and great eye."

377 - Ross Peeples

306 - Mike Peeples - Back to back Peeples! I have no idea if these guys are related.

278 - Brian Mallette - Not related to the backup NFL QB. (I mean, it's not even spelled the same.)

410 - Freddie Money - Probably had to endure a lot of "take me home tonight" comments in his life.